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Sailfin Dog Days offers professional dog walker, and pet sitter, services for Ashford, Kent, and the surrounding villages including Charing and Wye.

It’s recommended that a lot of family dogs need over 2 hours of exercise a day! We know how hard that is to fit in around your work and family commitments, so let us take them out for a morning, daytime, or evening walk to supplement your walk with them.

If you are out at work all day and worried that your pooch is lonely at home or needs some company – get in touch and we can take them out for dog walks, pet sit with them, and provide a level of adventure, stimulation, and doggy care to keep them happy, fit, and healthy!

Likewise, if you’re heading off for the weekend to holiday somewhere less dog-friendly than your home, then rather than putting them through the trauma of temporary dog kennels, why not leave them to enjoy their own home with us doing puppy visits or dog sitting and visiting regularly during the day, afternoon, and evenings.

We know how hard it is to find a trustworthy, reliable, and experienced dog walker, and although there are websites offering to connect you with dog walkers in Ashford, we believe that we offer high standards, reliable service, and dog walks that stimulate your dogs, give them exercise, and keep both their brains and bodies busy during the middle of the day when you are working hard.

Your dog’s well-being and happiness are our priority, so get in touch and let’s meet to talk more. We will meet with you and your dog, go out for a walk together, check we all get along brilliantly, and then we can start straight away.

Dog Walking and dog walks for Ashford, Kent

It has been said that Ashford is the centre of the universe. It has also been noted that Ashford is excellent because you can escape easily! The truth is that Ashford is a fantastic location for dog walking with large well-maintained public fields, a network of paths, cycle paths, and towpaths, the Conningbrook Lakes country park, and the North Downs within sight!

We can collect your dog, take them out for a long stroll/run/chase (depending on temperament!) and then bring them back exhausted (well, we will probably be more exhausted than them!)

We will keep them on a long lead if required, which will enable them to explore as freely as possible while keeping them safe.

If you are fully confident in your dog’s recall and the base-level blackmail of our pockets being stuffed dull with appropriate biscuits, then after a couple of sessions with you and your dog, and as soon as your dog and you are comfortable with us, and if you are happy to give us written permission, we will happily walk them off the lead to enhance their enjoyment and freedom further.

Dog Walking is available as part of a Dog Days membership for those who need a regular number of days per week, or on a Pay As You Go basis for those who need ad hoc dog walking.

The membership means merely you agree to give us one-month notice before changing your dog walking plans, and we spread the cost of your dog walking out equally over the year so that you know that you are paying the same amount each month without having to spend your weekends counting up days.

Pay as you go basis isn’t usually any more expensive than the membership prices but means you pay directly for the number of walks you book each week and that you need to book them all in as early as possible to ensure you get spaces in the dog walking diary.

Pet sitting for when you are on holiday

Have you ever considered pet sitting instead of kennels when you go away on holiday?

Bags packed, tickets checked, passports found after a brief panic, airport parking confirmed, and you’ve given the flight numbers and hotel details to your mum. It’s just last wees and dropping off the dog to the kennels before you go.

Kennels can be nice. Some kennels are lovely. But what if your beloved pets could stay warm and snuggly in their own home, in familiar surroundings while you are away?

Let us pet sit for you. Sailfin Dog Days offers a two-tier service whereby we either can drop in at multiple times during the day to check on your dog, cat, fish etc., and let them out or take them for a walk, starting from £15 per hour or we can pack a bag ourselves and come and stay at your house while you are away, keeping safe not only the house but the rest of the four-legged/finned members of the family who you couldn’t take in your suitcases.

Pet Sitting at your home starts from £40 per day.

We also offer home-boarding which is when your dog comes and stays with us, but if you have more than two animals to look after then it works out better value for money for you if we go and stay at your house and look after the animals in their own home as part of our pet sitting service.

For pet sitting, we will come and meet you in advance, and you can show us the ropes, routines, and familiarise us with your animals and home.

We will show you copies of our insurance, our DBS certificates if you need to see them, and will make sure that your dogs, cats, and other animals are all familiar with us and happy for us to be in your home looking after them.

Sailfin Dog Days: About us and our beginning

Sailfin Dog Days offers professional dog walking, pet sitting, and ‘Puppy Pop-In’ services in Ashford, Charing, and Wye, Kent, plus the surrounding villages.

Although our base is in Kennington, Ashford, we ‘have a car, will travel’ and are happy to come and find you and your pooch in any of the surrounding villages including Bethersden, Charing, Challock, Great Chart, Smeeth, Sellindge, Shadoxhurst, and all the others too!

We have DBS certificates (this used to be called CRB or Criminal Records checks) which means that at least someone official trusts us, and we are fully insured with public liability insurance cover. We do recommend that you check your pet insurance covers your doggies for when they are in our care.

We started Sailfin Dog Days in 2017 after a mere 15 years of thinking about it and quickly found that we had found our vocation. We love dogs, and when your business is built around customers that love us back unconditionally (well, dependent on a pocket full of biscuits sometimes!), then we knew we had found our calling.

With dog walking, home-boarding, and puppy pop-ins all available, we added dog behaviour walks whereby we can walk with the dog and the owner to check on behaviour and make gentle corrections to both human and dog, and help you to work more harmoniously with your pet.

Our team has now grown and is made up of Adam, Suzie, Amy, Maren, Steve, Sophie, Felicity, and Hayley – we are always on the lookout for more dog walkers to join our family, so if you would like to start dog-walking in your area, under our brand, contact us and we can help get you started.

Contact: Email/Telephone Sailfin Dog Days

Are you looking for a dog walker or some pet sitting while you are away? Then telephone Sailfin Dog Days on 01233 680250

Do you need a someone professional to help correct your dog’s behaviour?

Maybe you just need some dog visits to keep your favourite family member busy while you are at work?

Contact any of our team; Adam, Suzie, Amy, Sophie, Fliss, Maren, and Steve to find out more information, to arrange a ‘meet & greet’ free introductory meeting to check that your dog loves us and feels safe with us

If you have already read our reviews, met us, and are happy to book a dog walking or pet sitting session – then let us know quick as our diary gets quite booked up.

If we don’t pick up the phone, then we are probably out walking dogs or rolling around on the grass somewhere! Leave us a message, and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.

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We pride ourselves on being a local friendly business that’s run by humans and not computers. Any questions, problems, or advice you need, please give us a call and we will do our very best to help offer you advice, support, and a community of fellow dog owners who you can lean on for information, guidance, and opinions about everything from leads and harnesses, right through to the best fields and walks in the local area for you to take your dog on.

We also run dog socials events, so if you are new to the area and looking to make some new friends, then why not get to know some people who you know must be ok, because they love dogs too!

We promote our dog socials on this website, on our WhatsApp groups, on our Facebook page, and also in our monthly email newsletter, so if you would like more information, please telephone Sailfin Dog Days on 01233 680250.