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I can only imagine how painful it has been for you to wake up on the first Saturday of the month, absent of Dog News, and think, “I don’t have enough dog in my life”

In the years B.D. (Before Dog), you used to lay in bed with your cup of tea or coffee, the saturday papers, and a relaxing start to the weekend.

Now your hot drinks get knocked out of your hands, you get woken up with a big wet kiss (and not in a good way), and the saturday papers are lining the crate in the kitchen before you even had a chance to fail at the crossword.

Yes – your dog has probably taken over your home, bed, sofa, garden, conversation, and all social activities. But what about your inbox?

Well, panic no more. Sailfin Dog Days is proud to announce that we are launching a monthly newsletter called ‘Dog Tales’.

Dog News: Dog Tales Newsletter

I know, just when you thought we had exhausted our repetoire of dog puns, we manage to find one more. Let’s paws for a second and appreciate that.

Each month we will send you news, information, events you might be interested in, service updates, and cute pictures of dogs.

Cute pictures of dogs! What’s not to like?

You’re welcome.

You know how much we love looking after your dogs while you’re at work, and through our dog walking, doggy daycare, and home-boarding services our phones are literally filled up with photos of your gorgeous dogs. Now we can share the best and the worst of those with you all.

You know that this has been missing in your lives. So go on, sign up for our monthly newsletter ‘Dog Tales’ below:

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