Dog Walkers’ team expanding to six

Dog Walkers in Ashford Kent

We are so excited to share the news that our team is growing once more. We have two new people for our dog walkers’ team joining us for the Ashford and Romney Marsh areas of Kent.

Matt and Abbie are starting this week and learning the ropes (well, the leads and the poo bags).

They are both highly competent with the dogs and will be accompanying Adam and Amy as they go out on dog walks. We will be introducing our new dog walkers to our four-legged customers, plus to our owners in person or via our WhatsApp groups. Please give them a warm welcome to the pack!

As with all of our Sailfin dog care team, our dog walkers are DBS (Criminal Records) checked and fully insured for dog walking and being key holders.

The additions to our team now means we are open to new customers again and we can get rid of the waiting list for Tuesdays and Thursdays!

If any of your friends and neighbours could do with a Dog Walker, please recommend us to them – there’s a £25 reward in it for you after their first full month with us!*

Your word is gold

We are a small local business, and as such we survive on the recommendations made by our customers and the positive word of mouth that you spread for us.

We never take it for granted that you are trusting us with your dogs and your house. We take extra care to make sure that everything is as we found it, that your dog and home are safe and well looked after. Our winter shower cap shoes are renowned!

If any of you haven’t reviewed us yet, please take the time to do so on Facebook, on Google, on Yelp, or similar. I can’t emphasise enough how vital those 5-star reviews are to me, Amy, Maren, Steve, and the team.

*£25 reward will be by way of a credit to your account with us to be redeemed off your next invoice.

Dog News: Sign up for ‘Dog Tales’ our monthly newsletter

I can only imagine how painful it has been for you to wake up on the first Saturday of the month, absent of Dog News, and think, “I don’t have enough dog in my life”

In the years B.D. (Before Dog), you used to lay in bed with your cup of tea or coffee, the saturday papers, and a relaxing start to the weekend.

Now your hot drinks get knocked out of your hands, you get woken up with a big wet kiss (and not in a good way), and the saturday papers are lining the crate in the kitchen before you even had a chance to fail at the crossword.

Yes – your dog has probably taken over your home, bed, sofa, garden, conversation, and all social activities. But what about your inbox?

Well, panic no more. Sailfin Dog Days is proud to announce that we are launching a monthly newsletter called ‘Dog Tales’.

Dog News: Dog Tales Newsletter

I know, just when you thought we had exhausted our repetoire of dog puns, we manage to find one more. Let’s paws for a second and appreciate that.

Each month we will send you news, information, events you might be interested in, service updates, and cute pictures of dogs.

Cute pictures of dogs! What’s not to like?

You’re welcome.

You know how much we love looking after your dogs while you’re at work, and through our dog walking, doggy daycare, and home-boarding services our phones are literally filled up with photos of your gorgeous dogs. Now we can share the best and the worst of those with you all.

You know that this has been missing in your lives. So go on, sign up for our monthly newsletter ‘Dog Tales’ below:

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Dog Social: Mutts at the Manor – Thank you!

Willow says thank you for coming to the Sailfin Dog Days Dog Social and her 1st birthday party to… Max, Ziggy, Harry, Tilly, Archie, Toffee, Maddie, Finn, Poppy, Joey, Fergus, Milo, Daisy, Ruby, Luca, Aspen, Ella, Dotty, Digby, and the other dogs which we didn’t quite catch their names!

Bank Holiday Monday gave us the chance to open up our Doggy Daycare Centre and host our member dogs, plus a whole pack of new dogs too, along with their well-behaved owners.

Dog Social and Doggy Daycare Ashford Kent

We feel so lucky to have such an incredible location for our Doggy Daycare Centre; a manor house and gardens, surrounded by a moat and secure fencing to stop the Houdini dogs from making their great escape.

Every one to two months we host a dog social to encourage dogs and their owners to meet, mix, and learn from each other in an unstructured and relaxed manner.

Dog Social and Doggy Daycare Ashford Kent

We value being part of the doggy community here in Ashford, and although we love spending our days with your pets, it’s also beneficial for us to be able to see you with your dogs, how you/they interact with each other, and how they behave with other dogs and in the pack.

Doggy Daycare is now available in Ashford, Kent, for up to six dogs each weekday, and we are already getting fully booked on at least two days per week. For more information, see our Ashford Doggy Daycare information page

Rather than leave your dog at home all day while you have to go out to work – if you would like to leave them with us, then they can run around with each other over three gardens and an orchard and come home tired and happy.

Don’t forget to sign up to our monthly newsletter – Dog Tales if you haven’t already.

Top Ten Puppy Tips

While we know that all puppies are unique and that each breed needs some specialist knowledge, there are a number of ‘global truths’ that apply to the majority of puppies, so here are our top ten puppy tips for living with and training your new (delightfully scrumptious) puppy.

Top Ten Puppy Tips - Sailfin Dog Days

  1. Start with a familiar smell:
    Ask the breeder or home if you can take a blanket – this will smell like your pups family and will help keep your pup feel safe.
  2. It’s all new:
    Think of your new puppy as a toddler that is seeing, hearing and smelling the world for the first time. So much is new and fresh and exciting – it’s hard to take it all in at once! If you don’t want it going straight in your puppy’s mouth make sure it’s out of reach. If you will be upset if it gets chewed, dribbled on or knocked over, you should put it upstairs and out of reach for now.
  3. Co-parent:
    Make sure everyone in the house is setting the same rules and commands. It might sound silly but all call the puppy the same name – it’s common for different family members to come up with their own little nicknames and this can cause confusion in the early days.
  4. Reward the right behaviour:
    Over-emphasise how pleased you are with good behaviour and teach your dog to desire reward, rather than avoid punishment for negative behaviour. For example; Ask your dog to sit when meeting new people, rather than telling them off for jumping. If they do jump, turn your back on them and ignore them – the chances are that the puppy will hate being ignored and will very quickly behave in order to get your attention and be praised. For noisy puppies, try your best not to give in to barking from their crate, ignore them (as long as they are safe) until they calm down and when they are calm and quiet let them out.
  5. Winter is coming:
    Don’t wait until the wet weather arrives to get your puppy used to being brushed, bathed and towelled down. Roleplay it now, as when it gets really cold and mucky I’m sure you’d prefer not to chase the pup around the house whilst leaving muddy prints across the kitchen.
  6. Encourage independence:
    We ALL think our puppies could not live a second without us, but (unfortunately for our little hearts) they can. Start leaving your puppy for short periods and try not to make a scene as you leave. You can try putting the radio on to give them something to listen to and rotate the toys you leave out to keep up your puppies interest in them.
  7. Safe space:
    Having a crate for your puppy is brilliant for you and your puppy as it allows you to keep the puppy out of overwhelming situations and it also lets the puppy get some timeout when they want as well. Leave your pup be when they are in their crate so that they have a safe space that they can be in charge of. When your pup outgrows a crate let them have their own space, be it a bed, a rug or a place by the radiator that they feel is theirs.
  8. Callbacks:
    Always be positive in tone when calling back your puppy, if you sound fearful or annoyed (even if you are and you’ve been hunting around the bushes for the little treasures) then your pup might not want to come back. Sound happy like you mean it!
  9. Patience:
    Puppies will naturally need to ‘go’ after eating. To house-train a pup, make sure you are comfortable and well-dressed so that you can wait outside until the dog has been a ‘good dog’ before you have to go back. This might mean getting an extra layer or two on and making sure there is a sheltered space outside to hang around for a few minutes.
  10. Accept that puppies make a mess:
    This should go without saying, but puppies will make a mess, lots of it, and most likely not at exactly convenient times. We can reduce the amount of mess but we can’t eradicate it entirely. The love that the puppies bring outweighs the mess, right?!

There are many more puppy training tips and techniques that you will need to know, and many puppy training books and videos you can read and watch. Always remember to think puppy-centric – you have more knowledge, experience, and methods for communicating than the puppy does.

Good luck! To both of you 😉