Dog Events: Dog Socials for dogs and owners

Are you looking for some dog events? Do you and your dog fancy coming for a walk with us? We get to spend lots of time with your dogs, but we also like humans too. Well most of them… the ones that own dogs, at least!

Every month or two we host ‘Dog Social’ dog events: an organised group walk for dog owners and their dogs to come with us and our other regular Dog Days members, our Pay As You Go members and any non-members who just want to come along to socialise their dogs with other dogs and to join us in organised fun!

Each month we will pick a different location for our Dog Social events, including:

  • Woof in the Woods
  • Paws in the Park
  • Hounds on the Hills
  • Claws on the Coast
  • Mutts at the Manor

Well, we think we are pundamentally funny anyway 🙂

Make sure you sign up to our mailing list below, for more information, and also ‘like’ our Facebook page as we will organise the events using the Facebook magic (once we’ve worked it out).

There will be a small charge for each of the dog events to cover the cost of insurance (we have to insure the events as we are the event organisers).

We would also recommend bringing a picnic as the Dog Days Army can’t march for too long on an empty stomach, so we’ll aim for a 1-2 hour walk followed by a bring-your-own picnic somewhere back near the cars. We bring a couple of thermos flasks of tea and coffee, but normally forget the cups, the sugar, or the milk, so please feel free to bring your own too!

Any questions about the Dog Social events, please give us a call on 01233 680250 or email

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