Start a dog walking business: Franchise

How do you start a dog walking business? How do you get your dog walking brand well known? How do you get dog care licenses, dog walker insurance?

All these questions and all you want to do is get your business set-up and running and walk some dogs!

We can help you to set up your own dog walking business under the Dog Days brand.

And the best possible news for those familiar with franchises is that we actually want you to succeed and we will help you all the way.

We don’t charge an absolute fortune in up-front fees for you to start a dog walking business that mean you’d have to walk dogs and pet sit for 25 hours a day for 3 years before you broke even.

We don’t take half of your monthly earnings under the pretence of some elaborate licensing formula concocted by Monsieur Thénardier*

We will supply you with:

  • A ready-made brand and personalised local website
  • A personalised email address
  • A local telephone number that will connect to your home/mobile telephone.
  • Dog walking and relevant pet services insurance
  • The official policies and documentation that you will require to obtain your local dog walking and home-boarding licenses
  • All of your social media will be set up for you and managed with you, with daily support to help you build your customer base
  • Online advertising will be setup and managed for you
  • Print adverts and posters designed and supplied for you to post up locally.
  • Uniform including polo-shirts, coat, and vehicle branding are all available.

All of our franchise benefits are designed to help you get started quickly, at a low-cost, and make sure that you become profitable as soon as possible.

We make sure that it is in our interest for you to be successful.

For more information contact Adam on 01233680250 or email

*obscure reference acknowledged