Pet sitting for when you are on holiday

Have you ever considered pet sitting instead of kennels when you go away on holiday?

Bags packed, tickets checked, passports found after a brief panic, airport parking confirmed, and you’ve given the flight numbers and hotel details to your mum. It’s just last wees and dropping off the dog to the kennels before you go.

Kennels can be nice. Some kennels are lovely. But what if your beloved pets could stay warm and snuggly in their own home, in familiar surroundings while you are away?

Let us pet sit for you. Sailfin Dog Days offers a two-tier service whereby we either can drop in at multiple times during the day to check on your dog, cat, fish etc., and let them out or take them for a walk, starting from £15 per hour or we can pack a bag ourselves and come and stay at your house while you are away, keeping safe not only the house but the rest of the four-legged/finned members of the family who you couldn’t take in your suitcases.

Pet Sitting at your home starts from £40 per day.

We also offer home-boarding which is when your dog comes and stays with us, but if you have more than two animals to look after then it works out better value for money for you if we go and stay at your house and look after the animals in their own home as part of our pet sitting service.

For pet sitting, we will come and meet you in advance, and you can show us the ropes, routines, and familiarise us with your animals and home.

We will show you copies of our insurance, our DBS certificates if you need to see them, and will make sure that your dogs, cats, and other animals are all familiar with us and happy for us to be in your home looking after them.