Dog Walking and dog walks for Ashford, Kent

It has been said that Ashford is the centre of the universe. It has also been noted that Ashford is excellent because you can escape easily! The truth is that Ashford is a fantastic location for dog walking with large well-maintained public fields, a network of paths, cycle paths, and towpaths, the Conningbrook Lakes country park, and the North Downs within sight!

We can collect your dog, take them out for a long stroll/run/chase (depending on temperament!) and then bring them back exhausted (well, we will probably be more exhausted than them!)

We will keep them on a long lead if required, which will enable them to explore as freely as possible while keeping them safe.

If you are fully confident in your dog’s recall and the base-level blackmail of our pockets being stuffed dull with appropriate biscuits, then after a couple of sessions with you and your dog, and as soon as your dog and you are comfortable with us, and if you are happy to give us written permission, we will happily walk them off the lead to enhance their enjoyment and freedom further.

Dog Walking is available as part of a Dog Days membership for those who need a regular number of days per week, or on a Pay As You Go basis for those who need ad hoc dog walking.

The membership means merely you agree to give us one-month notice before changing your dog walking plans, and we spread the cost of your dog walking out equally over the year so that you know that you are paying the same amount each month without having to spend your weekends counting up days.

Pay as you go basis isn’t usually any more expensive than the membership prices but means you pay directly for the number of walks you book each week and that you need to book them all in as early as possible to ensure you get spaces in the dog walking diary.